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Did "Ancient Astronauts"

come to Earth in the remote past, find our primitive ancestors and "jump start" our evolution?

If so, why?

The God Key - Book I: Return of the Nephilim

Preview of the book and motion picture__The God Key.

And on Kindle for just $4.99

THE GOD KEY is a paranormal thriller about the End of Days coming down now. The world's oldest myths and greatest religions begin to converge, thanks to the godlike beings behind those myths and religions. Specifically, the creatures mentioned in the Book of Genesis as the "Nephilim."

They are what's coming to earth in the Last Days. And, like all the other mythic creatures of the past (Zeus, Apollo, the Krakken, etc.), the Nephilim are real. And their little visit kicks off the seven-year period of global devastation, death and horror called the Great Tribulation. It's just around the corner. Will you be ready?

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The God Key, Book II: Tribulations

Picks up the story of David Connors, protagonist of Book I, on honeymoon with his beautiful fiancee (and-not-quite-yet-married) bride-to-be, Leila. They met at the Richmond Telegraph, the newspaper that employs them, fell crazy in love, and decided on heading to the island of Cozumel, for a "working honeymoon" (they're scheduled to interview a Brazilian professor who knows of a true "human mutilation" case from 1988, in Sao Paulo). First, the honeymoon part of that "working honeymoon" bit.

Then . . . surprise . . . something horrible, nightmarish and all-too-familiar happens to them on tiny Cozumel Island. And while the rest of the world edges ever closer to a Nuclear Doomsday, Dave Connors is on the trail of killers, assassins, serial-killing cops and worse, in the jungles of Latin America. There, he stumbles upon the greatest Mayan prophecy, or puzzle: "The Three Ts of Xibalba," in the bowels of the Mayan underworld.

Death is stalking our young couple, and only David can stop it in time to avert wholesale nuclear slaughter.

If you liked Book I, you'll love

Book II: Tribulations. . .coming soon.

Book I is still


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