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Hi, All ~
It's come to my attention recently that a great number of potential readers have shied away from The God Key  because they think it's about aliens and UFOs. WRONG.
As anyone who's read the book can tell you, it's about a young journalist named David Connors who stumbles across evidence that the god of the ancient Hebrews (YHWH) and the long line of "godlike" beings who've been visiting earth since Man was a monkey, are one and the same. ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, VISITORS and SCOUTS, not little green men in flying saucers.
It's about the Biblical Nephilim, and their identification with the godlike visitors the Sumerians called "Anunnaki." No green men. No gray men, either. Only Fallen Ones, or "Nephilim," as the Bible termed them.
So, if you want to read about the return of these beings, sometime ON OR AFTER 12/21/2012 {i.e., as in "any day now"}, and how Dave Connors and his sexy Mossad lady-friend try to stop them (by solving an ancient, Dan Brown-like series of codes and puzzles in the Holy Land), read the book.Don't buy it, don't send any money; you can download it FREE on your Kindle from JUST READ IT.
Then tell your friends it's OK: no aliens, no UFOs.


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