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DEC. 21st, 2012

So What's All the Rumpus?

Yeah, yeah so the much ballyhooed 21st of December  is next Friday. So what?What's all the rumpus, anyway?
Nothing much, really. NASA scientists say we have nothing to fear: no "supermassive black hole" is going to suck us into the cosmic vacuum bag. The world isn't about to  flip on its axis and dump us all into oblivion. And the dreaded  End of Days is just another Schwarzenegger movie.
All undoubtedly, probably, logically true.


What's the biggest news about 12/12/12?
Duh, lessee here...Ummm...PAUL MCCARTNEY?! THE WHO?! ERIC CLAPTON?! THE STONES!? EDDIE VEDDER? DAVE GROHL (Foo Fighters lead guitar/vocals). And more than a few others. But just those first four are a legendary lineup on their own. Man, I'd give a Nephilim's nadz to be there.


Authentic, antique Moroccan Koummya, 16.3WIN this antique Koummya, similar to the jambiya used in  The God Key. Just share its Facebook page with all your friends for one entry, or buy a copy of the book for two entries! Do both, and your name gets THREE entries into the hat (or turban, actually), and at  midnight on Doomsday (12/21/12) we'll draw the WINNER!
No matter where you live, we'll find you. Errr, I mean, we'llship it to you

For the Benefit of Mr. C

As requested (in his illiterate way), the dagger blade itself, for Mr. C.:
That is a10-cupMr. Coffee machine on the right.
BIG Blade.
(Shiny, too; I polished all the 50-year-old rust and stains off with rubbing compound, Brasso and Weiman's Silver Cream -- using only a ScotchBrite Steel Wool pad... ...tookfor-freakin-ever.)
Total Length in the scabbard is just over 16". And it's sharp enough to slice my fingertips all to shreds; just ask Sherry.

Grand Prize Drawing Dec. 21st - WIN an Antique Dagger!

Yes, it's time to give back to all the fans, friends and fiends who've madeThe God Key a CreateSpace Cosmic Best-est Selling Thingy. My heartfelt thanks to all who've unlimbered their wallets, purses and/or credit cards for The God Key this HA-HA-Holiday Season.
So, on December 21st, the names of each and every buyer of the book, AND sharer of the book's Facebook page with one's friends, are going into an Arabic turban and a winner drawn. So, what's the big deal?
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